In 2013 I designed two calendars. Both were sold on Etsy and DaWanda. Also there was a Pinterest page. The shop’s name was WANDORGAN and had two different logos.


Calendar 1 was a compilation of more than 2200 funny holidays (e. g. No Pants Subway Ride Day, Work Naked Day). The design was a quadratic poster using different colors to separate each month.


Calender 2 was more like an eye test. Quarters, months, weeks and days were aligned in a specific way to give you the correct date. Design was black and white. Also there was a crucial mistake since the wrong abbreviation for Sunday was used. SO instead of SU. My apologies.. however no one really noticed 😉


Both calendar received positive feedback. There were blog posts by Klonblog and woman. Also Marktwelten rated Calender 2 as best Etsy calendar for 2014. Blog posts (web archive): Klonblog, woman, Marktwelten

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