When you are sick it’s good to be properly insured. However, when you suffer from a chronic disease or infection, hardly any insurance company is willing to accept you as a new customer. For chronically ill persons the search for a good insurance policy quickly becomes tedious and very frustrating.

To help those persons was launched in 2017. The website gives you information about all kind of insurance policies. It tells you which insurance policy you really need and which don’t. And most important it shows you how to take out those which you thought were impossible because of your health condition.

I found it extremely frustrating that persons with a difficult health condition are left alone in this very complexing field. They are told they are already too sick and there’s no insurance policy for them anymore which covers their inability for work or costs for care (only to mention two scenarios). I personally believe there’s always a way and there are only doors you need the courage to knock on. So I did a lot of research and calls and gathered all the information they need. And of course there are a lot of ways to take out a good insurance policy despite your chronic disease or infection.
I haven’t found any website or brochure as comprehensive as I hope this will change and information will be shared.

The website is based around the German insurance system and therefor only in German.

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